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Every now and then we’re catching up on our mission to explore abandoned buildings that once symbolized marvelous residencies for the rich and noble.

We call this section

Time Machine

…because visiting those long forgotten places feels like traveling back in time.

Albertov, Prague, abandoned house
Abanoned mansion at Albertov station, Prague
Abandoned house in Prague, Smíchovské nádraží
Abandoned House near Smíchovské nádraží (on the way to Meet Factory)

Our experience shows that the majority of abandoned buildings can be found on hills and in surroundings which are difficult to access.

We came across this phenomenon many times while traveling. For example, the abandoned hotel Panorâmico in Lisbon or another derelict hotel Monte Palace on the Azorean island São Miguel were both built on hills.

In a prosperous time, members of the upper class used to spend recreational weekends and holidays amongst lush nature, far off the city.
Following the ups and downs of history and economy, the appearance of those buildings in the sky began to crumble until there was nothing left but time and nature, taking over what mankind once created.

Abandoned Places in Prague Banner

Barrandov Terraces

In this article we want to introduce you to the abandoned resort Barrandovské Terasy in Prague. A place that still causes a mysterious atmosphere to those, who are capable of letting their thoughts wander and embracing the spirit of an ancient time.

Abandoned Barrandov Terraces

The modern complex with the lookout tower dates back to 1929, marking a glamorous era for the Czech movie industry. At that time, the Barrandov film studios in the neighborhood were flourishing, attracting famous actors and film makers from all over the country. Fancy representatives of the contemporary movie business could be spotted in the hills, enjoying a drink on the balcony or taking a swim in the pool.

Abandoned Barrandov Terraces

With the push of Communism, the days of noble dinner parties, once held on the Terraces vanished and got replaced by neglect and isolation.

Barrandov Terraces Abandoned Building

The hotel as well as the swimming pool below were shut down without knowing how their future would look.

After a decade of complete desolation, the building was finally returned to the family of Vaclav Havel, the well admired father of the former president of Czech Republic.
However, a construction corporation showed interest in the site and bought it, promising to rebuild it according to the style of Max Urban, who originally designed the Barrandov Terraces as well as the nearby film studio.

Today, the site is fenced off and under construction, but still accessible to visitors. You can open one of the fence’s walls by detaching a wire and slip through. The building’s interior is used by the construction workers, but you can freely walk around the hotel and the terraces.

Swimming pool at Barrandové terasy, Prague

Travel back in time and enjoy the splendid view of the valley, exposing the Vlatava riverside. If you’re up for a little hike, explore the abandoned swimming pool. In these days the basin is filled with colorful autumn leaves, making it a unique snapshot.

Abandoned House with Panoramic View

Abandoned House in Barrandov, Prague

Before heading to Barrandov Terraces, we discovered an abandoned house. The floors are partially demolished, so be careful where you step.

Abandoned house near Barrandové terasy

On the top floor your courage will be rewarded with a very green view of Prague.
View over Prague from Barrandovské terasy

Abandoned freight train station at Nakladové Nádraží Žižkov

This train station in the district of Žižkov was revived and turned into a cultural hotspot hosting music and arts events.
We spent a wonderful summer day in this special location, where nature partially took over.

Abandoned Praha-Žižkov train station, walking on the rails Nákladové nádraží Žižkov, dancing on the rails Nákladové nádraží Žižkov, abandoned freight train station, surrounded by nature Nákladové nádraží Žižkov Nákladové nádraží Žižkov, abandoned freight train station, looking from the wagon Nákladové nádraží Žižkov, abandoned freight train station, Tina sitting on the ground

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