It’s been 10 months that we moved to Lisbon to work and travel. We’ve gone through winter, Christmas, spring, Easter, summer and autumn. Winter will begin soon, whereas Portugal has one of the mildest winters compared to the rest of Europe.

There are a lot of things we’ll miss for sure. The blue skies and the bright sun sending warmth and happiness so that there’s no way to not wake up. A look out of the window is enough to chase away the last tiredness. That’s a reason why working was not too bad. The mood is most often dependent from the weather. The sunnier the better. Things come easier. Looking back to the summer nights under the open sky, great memories come alive.

However, our time has passed. We met exciting people, explored Lisbon and surprisingly the Azores, spread good vibes and kept every single piece that will remind us of Lisbon in our hearts. To share the flair of the magic city along the Tagus, some entries and tips about Lisbon can be found on this blog. Soon there will be a list about all the unique things we’ll miss. But first of all, some time has to pass to make us miss a place so much that we start reflecting about what has made this place so special in the end.

Today is the day to say goodbye – for the moment. We’re heading back to our countries Germany and the Netherlands. We’ll hitchhike together for the first time. Our backpacks are pretty heavy that imagining to carry them on the road, causes a pain in my back. However, this is our adventure we’re going on. The road is curse and blessing at the same time. We know that. We’re not the first and will not be the last standing on the road with a sign and thumb up.
The real difficulty is to keep up the motivation and the restless will to travel on a budget although it can mean sometimes to go through bad weather, exhaustion and bad luck.

This is a good moment to write down our hopes we have while being on the road. Afterwards we’ll compare the hopes with our real experiences. In our journal we’ll try to keep you updated about our current situation and our stories on the road about the road.

Here are our 10 hopes before we hit the road

  1. Good weather
  2. Constant progress
  3. Short periods of waiting for a ride
  4. Long rides by one driver
  5. Great stories
  6. Finding a couch in some places
  7. Exploring new places
  8. Meeting inspiring people
  9. Writing in our travel journals
  10. No inconvenient incidents

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