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Bali is the perfect place for urban exploration freaks like us. One of our blog’s focus is abandoned places. We call it time machine because visiting these places feels like traveling back in time.

We visited 3 abandoned sites in Bali, although there are a lot more. If you’re looking for a full list, there is one from tripcanvas.

Follow us on the ghost trail through bewildered gardens and spooky buildings. Even planes that didn’t take off for a very long time.

abandoned places in Bali

Abandoned Theme Park Taman Festival in Sanur

If you feel bored after spending a beach day in Sanur, you’ll get your load of thrills by just cycling or walking up North.
What can be more horrifying then an abandoned theme park?

Is that not the emblem of the ultimate adrenaline rush?

Hearing screams from the roller coaster although it’s not in use since ages.

Hearing whisperings in the dark theater, although the screen is gone and the seats are deserted.

Abandoned themepark Bali

Abandoned themepark Bali

The owl with the big round orange eyes took over the residency in the big hall. No roof. Instead, open blue sky.

Film roll

Is there something more nostalgic than an old film roll?
Seeing this, made me question, Which movie is recorded on it?
How many times has it been used?
Who was watching the movie on the film roll in this theater?
Could anyone of those watching the movie imagine that this theme park would be taken over by nature one day?

Abandoned themepark Bali

Abandoned themepark Bali

Be prepared for a walk through enchanted gardens.

Abandoned planes in Kuta

Two planes resembling each other.

Abandoned airplane next to Dunkin' Donuts, Bali

Abandoned airplane next to Dunkin' Donuts, Bali

One freely accessible next to a Dunkin Donuts along a highway.

Abandoned plane in Uluwatu area, Bali

The other is in a valley, not free to access. Locals, charging some money to see the plane, closed off the area with containers and corrugated sheets. You can just catch a glimpse from a very bad angle.

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