Catsitting in Prague

Muro the cat close up – Catsitting in Prague

We spent about a week in Prague taking care of a cat and we spend some days camping afterwards. We are still in Prague, making plans for what to do next. These are the pictures from our first catsitting adventure. And to finish off, here are some old pictures from cats in the Philippines that we hadn’t posted before yet:

10 Things you might Wonder about when Visiting Prague for the First Time

1. Baroque style houses Whether it’s the castle, the mansions around or any building in Prague, the unique architecture shows traces of a flourishing Baroque epoque. The pastel-colored buildings with romantically decorated borders create a very noble ambiance. 2. Grog and hot wine can be bought throughout all year Sometimes the weather can be evil, especially when it’s supposed to be summer but it’s freezing cold. In these moments I wish I could drink a…

10 Things you might Wonder about when Visiting Lisbon for the First Time

1. City of light Lisbon is called the city of light as it covers the most sun hours in all Europe, providing a mild climate throughout the whole year. That’s why you can visit Lisbon in autumn and winter without freezing off yourself. 2. City composed of tiles and mosaics Lisbon has a fascinating architecture thanks to the tiles and mosaics spread all over the city. 3. Sardines are sold in fancy cans Souvenir shops…