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10 facts about prague

1. Baroque style houses

Colorful Prague streets

Whether it’s the castle, the mansions around or any building in Prague, the unique architecture shows traces of a flourishing Baroque epoque. The pastel-colored buildings with romantically decorated borders create a very noble ambiance.

2. Grog and hot wine can be bought throughout all year

Prague drinking grog

Sometimes the weather can be evil, especially when it’s supposed to be summer but it’s freezing cold. In these moments I wish I could drink a cup of hot wine. So far in the Czech Republic, I could only buy a cup of hot wine in late spring. Grog is an alternative to hot wine and very popular here.

3. Inline skating is popular, actually all kinds of sports are

prague inline skating cycling

Czechs are probably the most sporty and active nation in the whole world. There is not even one day without running people in Letná park. Often there are large groups of runners. Being active is an important part of a Czech’s life.

4. Time travel

Riverside view Prague

Walking around in Prague feels like traveling back in time. The surroundings, remnants of the Baroque time, let your thoughts wander of how it was to live here in the past. Sometimes you’ll pass people dressed up like in the 70s pushing ancient buggies and walking their dogs. Time seems to stand still in Prague sometimes.

5. Loads of beer

Prague Naplavka Kozel beer

Another blog that makes the Czechs look like drunks. You might wonder about the many different types of beer from light to dark, from bitter to sweet. If you have the feeling that you drink more beer than usual since you’re in Prague, don’t worry. It’s part of the cultural experience.

6. Trdelník

Prague trdelnik

When I saw this hot spiral-shaped pastry the first time, I got curious. I haven’t tried it yet because I couldn’t find a place that isn’t overpriced. Often the trdelník is filled with ice cream.

7. Old-fashioned traffic light buttons

prague traffic light button

Haven’t seen those buttons for many many years. They still look very well maintained, better than the modern push buttons in Western Europe.

8. Krtek is a national hero


Czechs are terribly proud of their puppets and cartoons. Krtek is a worldwide broadcasted Czech cartoon from the 70s. In Czech Republic everyone knows krtek, the mole is used in many commercial ways for advertisement and fashion prints.

Also, Czechs are very proud of their puppets. You will find puppet stores and puppet theaters all over Prague.

9. Segway plague

prague segway

It was the first time that I saw people using segways like normal bikes. You will see groups of tourists everywhere touring around the city, mostly doing guided tours. It seems like segways are the biggest tourist attraction.

10. Czech-style bun eating

prague bun eating

It’s not so easy to observe how real Czechs eat buns. They don’t cut the bun open to put the spread on but rather put the spread on top or the bottom side of the bun.

We found a great website that describes a lot more typical Czech characteristics. A very entertaining list.

2 comments on “10 Things you might Wonder about when Visiting Prague for the First Time”

  1. I’m so glad to see that you finally made it to one of my favourite cities – Prague! I was there 3 times and each time I loved being there even more! Trdelnik OH NO! I could eat it all day long #sugarrush! 🙂

    1. Hi Agness, always a pleasure reading from you!
      We decided to stay here a while to explore and work on our projects.
      The Czech kitchen has quite hearty meals, not always my taste but Hemmo can’t get enough of knedlik 😀
      The good beer however is a good reason to stay here for a while 🙂

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