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Article published February 2017 and updated September 2023.

If you want to grasp the urban flair of a new place, there is no better way, than getting on your feet and roaming the streets and neighborhoods.

Although Prague is home to talented artists, the walls here are not as flooded with street art as in major European capitals like Berlin or Lisbon. However, if you put a little effort in your search, you will be rewarded by marvelous examples of urban arts, even here in Prague.

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Renewed Lennon Wall with "official" streetart

This article offers a splendid collection of the most beautiful and notorious street art around Prague, captured from 2016 until the present day. As we still live here, we made it our goal to update this list whenever we spot a new gem. We hope you enjoy the photos and get motivated to follow our footage. In case you come across something that is not covered here, we would be happy if you leave us a photo and location in the comments.

Enjoy the ride through Prague’s vivid street art scene!

Colorful streets of Prague

Jan Palach & Josef Toufar Memorial Banner

Two relevant figures of the Communist resistance Jan Palach and Josef Toufar capture passers-by with their vigorous eyes. One a student, the other a Catholic priest. United in their fight against the Communist oppressors.

While Jan Palach set himself on fire January 16th, 1969 on Wenceslav Square as a symbol of protest against the Sovjet invasion, Josef Toufar was assassinated on February 25th, 1950 by the Czechoslovak secret police after rumors of a miracle in the church he was holding services at arose.

Jan Palach, Josef Toufar,Street art, Legerova, Prague

Both men died in the building on Legerova Street, the former Borůvkovo sanatorium, giving this place an important meaning. The building is in a dilapidated state. However, the city has announced plans to acquire the building and turn it into a memorial for the two well-known and much honored national icons.

Street art Jan Palach and Josef Toufar at Legerova Street

Large scale murals

Prague has some jaw-dropping murals on facades of tall buildings (from left to right: Anděl, Karlin, Dejvice)

Prague street art, murals, buildings

Kampa park – Golden autumn days

This is a romantic piece from 2018 which covers a former blank wall at the entrance of Kampa Park by the water side. Fitting the season in which it was made, it shows a natural autumn landscape with a couple cuddling up under an umbrella.

Kampa, street art, wall art, tree, leaves, girl, umbrella, 2019

The second half of the mural captures the face of a girl sheltered by an umbrella.

Kampa, street art, girl, umbrella, 2019


Smíchovské nádraží – A Hotspot for Street art

Prague street art, Smíchovské nádraží
interplay of concrete and nature

Can you think of a better playground for street artists than train stations?
Have a look at Smíchovské nádraží and you will get what I mean. You cannot pass without noticing the numerous artworks scattered in and around the train station.

Big Brother is watching you

Spaceships in the shape of human heads and monstrous eyes symbolize the prevailing surveillance in our society, endangering our fundamental privacy rights.

Prague street art, Smíchovské nádraží

Smíchovské nádraží Metro

Street Life

Prague street art, Smíchovské nádražíSmíchovské nádraží, street artSmíchovské nádraží, street artPrague street art, Smíchovské nádražíSmíchovské nádraží, street artPrague street art, Smíchovské nádraží

Smíchovské nádraží bus stop

Tunnel Vision

Prague, street art, Psychedelic, Smíchovské nádraží

Smíchovské nádraží Metro

Tiger vs. Pinkman

Prague street art, Smíchovské nádraží

Smíchovské nádraží DM parking lot

Na Knížecí – Hidden messages

Prague street art, train station, Za Ženskými domovy

Probably the most stunning footprint of urban artistry was composed on the building of an abandoned train station. The building does not exist anymore but the graffiti that used to be on it contained some powerful messages.

1. Criticism of prostitution and human trafficking
Women with naked bodies are offering sexual services to men.

Prague street art, train station, Za Ženskými domovy

2. Criticism of accelerated technological progress leading to mass consumption and pollution
In a world of permanent change, there is no need to fix things as long as they can be replaced no matter if machine or human being.

Prague street art, train station, Za Ženskými domovy

3. Criticism of media and internet, empowering the stupefaction of the people

Society killed the teenager by Pasta Oner

Prague street art, train station, Za Ženskými domovy

Take some time to soak up the messages behind the pictures and pay attention to the many details.

Update: The buildings were torn down in 2020 due to reconstruction on the Na Knížecí area.

Za Ženskými domovy

Bubenská – Out of space

Prague streetart, Bubenská


Luka – Girl on Vespa

Girl on Vespa, Street art, Luka Living, Prague

Luka Living

Karlovo náměstí – Metro station

Waiting for the metro at the station Karlovo náměstí passes by fast while observing a collection of artworks and trying to get the message behind. Biblical scenes are placed into the modern world and into a satirical or rather absurd context.

Jesus is portrayed in daily life situations, being photographed at his birth, checked by the ticket controller or ignored by smartphone obsessed people. All the scenes clearly criticize social media and the dangers of slipping into a parallel cyber world losing touch of reality, becoming ignorant and passive.

Karlovo náměstí, Metro station, Street art, Biblical scene, JesusKarlovo náměstí, Metro station, Street art, Biblical scene, Jesus birthKarlovo náměstí, Metro station, Street art, Biblical scene, Jesus and ticket controllerKarlovo náměstí, Metro station, Street art, Biblical scene, Jesus with cross

Karlovo náměstí Metro station

Holešovice – Accumulations

Update: the artworks have been removed.

Prague streetart, BubenskáPrague streetart, Bubenská

Argentinská – Argentinian Zoo

Update: the artworks were removed around 2018.

Prague streetart, Argentinská, penguinsPrague streetart, Argentinská, zebra

It’s a long walk from one end of the wall to the other, but you won’t feel it in your legs because your attention will be caught by the thoughtful messages of the artists, who transformed the Argentinská Wall into a visual zoo.

Prague streetart, Argentinská, dragonMichael JacksonPrague streetart, Argentinská, Breaking BadPrague streetart, Argentinská, faces


Vltava station

Vltava station is known for its splendid streetart. In late 2019 the walls were repainted, depicting the world map and the ongoing destruction of our environment. A very powerful statement in these days.

Holešovice, Vltava station, Street art, PragueHolešovice, Vltava station, Street art, world map, Prague

Nové Butovice station

These two artworks were put up recently, end of 2021/ 2022. They are part of an animal photo exhibition which is located just a few steps away.

Nové Butovice, street art, Prague, feeding birds, animals have sould tooNové Butovice, street art, robot bee, spaceship, Prague

Nostalgic moments

Kissing under the Charles Bridge

Prague street art, kising couple, U Lužického semináře

U Lužického semináře

Anděl – Departure Time

Prague street art, Andel, Stroupežnického


Nové Město – Historical Pepsi Billboard

Prague, street art, Pepsi advertisement, Jindřišská


Černý Most

Černý Most, street art, Prague Černý Most, street art, PragueČerný Most, street art

Černý Most

Žižkov neighborhood

Bird, street art, train station, PragueHorses, street art, Žižkov, PragueGirl with fishbone, street art, Žižkov, PraguePrague, street art, Žižkov

Bohemian Retro

Prague street art, Bohemian Retro, Chvalova

Chvalova Bohemian Retro

Woo Doo

Prague, street art, Woo doo, Chvalova

Chvalova Woo Doo

Artsy residence

Žižkov, artsy house, Prague, street art

Elišky Peškové – Remember who you are?

Prague, street art, Remember who you are, Elišky Peškové

Elišky Peškové

Na Zderaze – Cubic

Prague, street art, Cubism, Na Zbořenci

Na Zbořenci

Barrandov riverside

Astronaut street art, Barrandov, PragueAstronaut street art, Barrandov, PragueTiger, street art, Prague

Graffiti Park Těšnov

graffity wall, portrait, prague, streetartgraffity wall, asian, satire, prague, streetartBird, Street art, Těšnov, Praguegraffity wall, eye, graffity, prague, streetartGirl with helmet, street art, Těšnov, Prague


Dancing robots

Prague, street art, robots


Lonely robot

Prague streetart, Vltavská


Tukan king and flamingo

Power Girl

Power Girl

Bubeneč – Elephant color splash

These shots were captured on a house in Bubeneč in 2017.

elephant, prague streetart, BubenečThe Pink Panther, but green, eating an apple (streetart Bubeneč)

In 2018, we passed by the same house and were amazed about the transformation. We don’t know if it was done by the same artist or someone else took the opportunity to shoot the elephant into space.

elephant, prague streetart, Bubenečabandoned building, street art, prague


Vyšehrad – Blues brothers

street art prague, Vyšehrad, blues brothers

Naplavka – Prague skyline

Prague, street art, fish tank, skyline, Hořejší nábř.

Hořejší nábř.

Happy cats

cat, street art, Prague

Flying cardboard men

Prague, street art, cardboard men


Stickman, street art, Žižkov, Prague


Prague streetart, squirrel

Checkout Food

Street art, checkout, Prague

Florenc metro station

Street art Prague, Florenc, metro stationgraffiti wall, Za Poříčskou bránou

Za Poříčskou bránou

Radlicka – Rhino bird

How many animals can you see in this piece spotted in Radlicka?

Rhino, Street art, Radlicka, Prague

Muzem metro station – Karel Gott

Karel Gott, Prague, street art

Holešovice – Vnitroblock

If you are happen to find yourself in the Holešovice neighborhood, don’t miss out on Vnitroblock. This conceptually designed space attracts tourists and locals alike. Whatever the mood, this place can most likely satisfy it. The former industrial building harbors a cafe/bar, a shoe store, as well as multipurpose event and work spaces.
The terrace on the back side led us straight onto an open street arts gallery. Grab a cold beer and lose yourself in the colorful brick walls.

Vnitroblock Prague Streetart FoxVnitrblock Prague Streetart, blue birdVnitrblock Prague Streetart, new kids on the block


Cibulka – Carrier pigeon

Pigeon painting Schodová, Košíře area

We hope you enjoyed the virtual street art tour through Prague’s neighborhoods. We surely enjoyed discovering each single of these fascinating pieces. Whenever we spot a new one, we will add it to this post as it is our ongoing mission to provide a complete street art guide for Prague.

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  1. Thanks a lot for recommending seeing this place next time we’re in Prague. We do love street art and so far our favorite was in Brussels (Cez’s choice) and Melbourne (mine). Prague looks amazing and I still don’t know how we could miss this area! Greetings from Gdańsk 🙂

    1. Hi Agness, nice to read from you again! Prague is one of the few cities that people never just visit once 😉 We’re keeping up with your Poland travels. Maybe that’s on our agenda for the next summer! Greets back from Kotor, Montenegro! 🙂

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