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Every city has streets: Long streets, narrow streets, clean streets, dirty streets, colorful streets, dull streets.

When we explore a new place, we pass hundreds of streets. Often without even realizing it. However, if we realize it, it’s due to the fact that something caught our attention. Sometimes we become fully aware of a certain street or corner just because there is something that lured us into pausing for a moment and breathing in the atmosphere of this street.

What could it be that lured us and made us stay put for a short while?

Mostar, street art

It’s street art with a message behind. An abundance of colors, shapes and details turned into a fascinating piece of street art by talented hands and creative minds.

Whenever we visit a new place, we keep our eyes peeled for alluring colorful streets. So far we discovered the colorful streets of Lisbon and Prague.

This time we’re taking you on a journey through the streets of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mostar, street art, guide

Park Zrinjevac

Mostar, street art

The guardian angel of abandoned buildings

Mostar, street art, abandoned house, Stara Gimnazija, angel
Whenever a building is left abandoned, the souls of all the people that sacrificed their workforce to build this house but also those that used to live here are being kept alive by the guardian angel guardening the entrance.

Tear those walls apart

Mostar, street art, park Zrinjevac, hands, wall
Walls have whatsoever been a symbol for the cruel separation of people. Although no walls split Mostar into two halves, the famous Old Bridge which was bombed in 1993 did.

This bridge unites two different worlds, religions and cultures: the Orient and the Occident.
Park Zrinjevac

Street art around the Sniper Tower

Mostar, street art, sniper tower, girl, face

The deep fall

Mostar, street art, Sniper tower, falling people
A bunch of people and even a kid are falling towards the ground. Around them loose bricks and bits of broken objects are scattered.

The artist intended to create a war monument dedicated to all the people that lost their lives in the war and those that lost their relatives.

Girl from outer space

Mostar, street art, Sniper tower,, girl, space

Hidden ambitions

Mostar, street art, Sniper tower, hidden ambitions, bee, snail
Kneza Domagoja

Caffe Mornar Popaj

Mostar, street art, Caffe Mornar Popaj
Memento mori – Remember that you must die and that you can’t take your material wealth to the other side.

The skeletons on the ship as well as the melting clock remind us of the inevitability of death. Time on this planet is limited and we have to pass many tests which will prove our strengths and challenge our fears.

The court jester is the only figure alive on this ship and he is making a fool of the skeleton couple because they want to bring all their belongings like a sack of gold and their houses over the ocean of life.

This ship will surely sink and as the end comes closer, all the dying couple has left is themselves and their memories – the good and the bad.
Caffe Mornar Popaj

Bridge street art

Mostar, street art, mushroom, old bridge
This image expresses the division of Mostar into two systems: the traditional Orient and the modern West. It represents the conflicts this city has to face from the beginnings of war until present.

Read more about the history and the current situation of Mostar.
Entrance of the old town

Embryo out of the Box

Mostar, street art, jack out of the box
This is a sligthly different version of the popular children toy: jack-in-the-box.
What pops out of the box here, is a very old fat man lying in the embryonic position. He is entangled in the stem of a flower. One leaf of the flower is peeling off.

This piece of street art uncovers the truth of life. When we’re born, we’re babies, not able to remember our first years of life. Throughout our entire development from newborns to adults we age until we die one day.

The life of each human can therefore be described as a jump out of the box where we will be pushed back in once our lives are over.
We’ve seen this piece of art in a house entrance somewhere on the Bulevar.

Open-air Gallery

Mostar, street art, railway station, bambi
The long open-air gallery is located close to Mostar’s train station. We surprisingly spotted this huge collection of street art when driving towards the Old Bridge.
Mostar, street art, railway station
Maršala Tita

Big Friendly Giants

Mostar, street art, railway station, giants
Three friendly giants are playing together with a train set. This artwork fits perfectly to the place it is located in. Next to the train station.
Mostar Railway Station

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