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Summers in Prague are known to bring swarms of tourists, venturing out to the city, exploring sights and enjoying some fun and relaxation time. No matter if you’re a tourist or a local, pack enough water, put some sun screen on, and explore our 14 unique places to enjoy a wonderful summer in Prague.

14 unique places to enjoy summer in prague

1 Rohanský ostrov – Rohan island

Tina sitting in pipe, Rohanský ostrov, Prague

Rohanský ostrov is a recreational park located at the river bank of the Karlín/Libeň district in Prague 8. Twenty years ago this area in particular was hit hard by the city’s most devastating flood, when part of the river bank drowned into the water, forming two islands: Rohansk and Libeň Island.

Today, these places are still referred to as islands even though the water has gone back. Since then, the former industrial district of Karlín has been transformed into a modern residential and business landscape.

Rohanský ostrov, Přístav 18600, Prague

Within a stone’s throw lie the green spaces of Rohanský ostrov. You can either follow the trail along the Vltava right before the Štefánikův Bridge or take the ferry (covered by the DPH ticket) from Pražská tržnice.

Rohanský ostrov, benches

The park is suitable for all kinds of leisure activities. There is an outdoor bar (Přístav 18600) where you can grab a drink and sit on wooden benches. There is one interesting wooden artwork that caught our attention. If you sit inside this repurposed concrete pipe you get a great view of Holešovice‘s riverside, Bubenské nábřeží.

There is an ongoing initiative to revitalize Rohanský ostrov and the surrounding riverside.

2 Petřín

Tina at flower garden, Petřín, Prague

The green spaces, gardens and viewpoints of Petřín park can be a pleasant refuge from daily life. Spread out over a hill, you should take into account that the hike can be strenuous, especially on hot days. Luckily, the walking trails are lined with trees so there is shade with benches to rest. Alternatively, you can reach the top by taking a funicular if you don’t mind the long waiting times.

Tina sitting on bench, castle view, Petřín, Prague

There are several hiking trails meandering through the hill. You can access it from Malá Strana or from Smíchov via Kinsky Gardens.

One of the most visible landmarks of Prague is the Hunger Wall cutting right through Petřín hill. The wall was constructed under the reign of King Charles IV as a defense of the Lesser Town and the castle. The works were carried out by the poorest people, thus the name hunger wall.

3 Botanical garden of Prague

Botanical garden of Prague

The official botanical garden of the city Prague is located in Prague 7, near Troja castle and Prague zoo. You would need to take a bus from Nádraží Holešovice and exit either at Zoologická zahrada or Botanická zahrada Troja. There are two separate units which can be accessed with the same ticket: The Fata Morgana green house and the actual botanical gardens atop Troja hill, overlooking some vineyards and the baroque Troja chateau.

Hemmo in the green house, Botanical garden of Prague, Fata morgana

It is up to you to decide in which order to visit. Bear in mind that the gardens measure 30 ha in total so plan enough time for your stay. Every garden has its own theme with characteristic plants from different parts of the world.

If you don’t have sufficient time to take a trip to the botanical garden, check out the small Botanical garden of Charles University of Prague instead.

4 Botanical garden of Charles University of Prague

Tina on bench, Botanical garden of Charles University of Prague

The Botanical garden of Charles University of Prague could be described as a miniature version of the actual Prague botanical gardens.

Palm leaf, Tina on bench, Botanical garden of Charles University of Prague

It can be visited between 10 AM and 6 PM every day (or until 7.30 PM between April and August). There is no admission for the outside gardens, but the green house does charge a small fee. You can expect a small but fine selection of native and exotic plants and rocks.
Especially in summer this is one of the best places to find some rest and quiet from the tourist hassle.

5 Radlická Žije – Radlicka lives

Hemmo inside pipe, Radlicka is alive

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we discovered this outdoor location for the first time last summer. The venue covers a large piece of ground, harboring an outdoor bar, a sandy beach, a community garden and cozy seats to sit and relax.

Radlická Žije, Radlická Kulturní Sportovna, Prague

There are lots of events to choose from, like open air concerts or open air cinema. This makes the place truly alive. There is free entrance when there are no events. Drop by for a drink and see for yourself why this place deserves every bit of our praise.

6 Prokopské údolí

Tina on hill, Prokopské údolí, Jinonice, Prague

Summer is the ideal time for hiking and exploring the local nature. One of our favorite hiking trails are located within the Prokopské valley. It stretches out along the districts of Jinonice, Hlubočepy, Butovice, Řeporyje and Barrandov.

Tina at lake, Prokopské údolí

You can explore the nature reserve on foot or by bike. There are trails on the ground and above the hills. Make sure to wear good shoes and bring enough water.

Tina at cave, Prokopské údolí

You can look forward to see some nice plants and karst stone rocks. There is even a viaduct, a cave and a hidden lake (Hlubočepy’s Jezírko).

7 Kasárna Karlín

Tina on swing, Kasárna Karlín, Prague

Former military barracks from the outside, a playground for kids and adults on the inside. Opened to the public in 2017, this place only caught our attention last year.
The cultural venue is managed by a NGO and according to the official website, they are struggling maintaining operations due to rising rents and competition from investors.

Kasárna Karlín, Prague

This is a well known problem in Prague, so don’t wait too long to visit. Nobody knows what will happen in 2 years when the contract with the city expires. Make sure to check out their website for events or just pop in anytime for a drink or even a little volleyball or badminton match.

8 Sacré Coeur Park

tina at Sacré Coeur Park, Prague

Next time you visit the Nový Smíchov mall in Anděl, head to the first floor and exit the mall via a pedestrian bridge over a motorway. It leads directly to a nice little park on a hill with benches and nice views of Prague. We would grab some food and drinks from the mall and enjoy them in the park. Especially recommended for sunset time. There is going to be a pavilion built soon.

9 Letenské sady (Letná park)

viewpoint, sunset, Letná, Prague

As one of the most beautiful and iconic places in Prague, Letná cannot be left unmentioned in this article. At the end of 2019, a new lookout point was added, where you can sit with a drink and enjoy one of the best views of the city. It’s not only a popular place to catch the sunset, but it has a lot more to offer in terms of recreation. People come here to inline skate, picnic or even barbecue. It’s one of the most popular meeting spots for locals and tourists.

10 Santoška park

Tina in Santoška park, Prague

Located in Smíchov, this park was recently reconstructed and seems to be a secret tip. There are some beautiful benches carved out of trunks and nice walking lanes. You can come here to read a book or enjoy the view over Smíchov.

11 Waltrovka

Tina at Waltrovka, Jinonice, Prague

While the residential buildings and offices of the Jinonice district rather evoke a business atmosphere than a leisurely atmosphere, the Waltrovka park balances this out. Located on a hill with trees, shrubs and wild flowers you will forget for a moment where you are and just enjoy the surrounding nature.

Tina with drink at Waltrovka, Jinonice, Prague

In summer this park feels like a private little garden as there are not many people making their way up here.

12 Náplavka

people walking at Náplavka, Prague

When the days get warmer, the promenades along the river Vltava fill up with crowds of people. What is probably the liveliest promenade stretches from Palackého most down to the railway bridge at Výtoň. The waterside, widely known as Náplavka, this is the go-to place to hang out and enjoy the stunning view of the castle and bustling riverside.

Sunset at Náplavka, Prague

You can bring your own drinks or snacks and take a seat by the water or check out the vaults and floating restaurants and bars. There is also a weekly farmers market. If you are looking for a little more privacy and quiet, you can cross the bridge to the opposite riverbank, Smíchovská náplavka at Hořejší nábřeží (Hořejší riverfront). The vaults with cafés and bars inside only opened up recently. No matter which side of the river you choose, make sure to drop by for a drink preferably at sunset.

13 Žižkov

Tina in Žižkov, street fest, Prague

There are many reasons to visit the neighborhood of Žižkov. For tourists, it might be to get a close-up of the iconic Černý babies on the TV tower, just to realize there is so much more to explore. Originating as a working class district, Žižkov today is popular among locals, students and foreigners offering affordable living and a vibrant nightlife.

Tina in Žižkov, Prague

For example, there is a Jewish cemetery, the park Riegrovy Sady or Vítkov hill where a statue of a warrior on a horse towers over the city. The warrior’s name is Jan Žižka, who the district was named after. He was a famous general who fought on the side of the Hussites (1400) founded by the reformer Jan Hus, against the Catholic opponents.

14 Riegrovy Sady

Tina at sunset, Riegrovy Sady, Prague

There is no better way to end a lazy summer day than find a cozy place to watch the sunset. Riegrovy Sady is such a place. Grab a beer from the nearby beer garden and find a spot on the hillside overlooking the Prague skyline with the castle.

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