We are Tina and Hemmo

…together we’re A Couple Of Countries

Tina and Hemmo, Montenegro, Kotor

Our love and travel story dates back to 2014 when we met in Lisbon while working abroad.

After spending entire afternoons getting lost in Alfama and even longer evenings drinking sangria while watching the moon rise, I was completely reassured that there must be an element of truth about the magic of Lisbon when it comes to bringing people together.

One day, I slipped on the cobblestones and hurt my knee. Although it felt painful, I sucked it up and insisted that there was nothing (it’s all about first impression). Later I would kill the pain with enough beers, until we would share my blanket which I brought in expectation of a cold evening, sitting on the miradouro Santa Catarina drinking beer, sharing travel stories and first close moments.

Today, almost 5 years later we’re not in Lisbon anymore but the general idea of an adventurous life doesn’t stop chasing us. We’re in a continuous move, visiting new places, experiencing life abroad and striving to find our place.

Hemmo is from Leeuwarden, a small town in the Netherlands. I am originally from Bosnia-Herzegovina (Mostar), but grew up in Germany. As a multilingual couple we run this blog in three languages: English, German and Dutch.

We’re budget travelers with a straight-forward mission of keeping our expenses at a minimum and doing everything ourselves on this website. We don’t take on anything you will see us walking around in the rain or extreme heat, bargaining the best price for accommodation.

Wherever our feet and dreams might bring us, we’ll keep wandering with our camera, note book and a bright smile on our lips, sharing the most sparkling stories of how life should be.

We hope that our adventures and stories motivate you to travel more, spend less and create memories for a lifetime. Don’t make your travel plans dependent on your budget. There is always a budget friendly alternative for every destination. We are the living proof for it.

Travel means to broaden your horizons, learn from others and fully let your soul and heart be taken by the beauty of our planet.