10 Things you might wonder about when visiting Lisbon for the first time

1. City of light

Sunset at Senhora da Monte Miradouro, Lisbon

Lisbon is called the city of light as it covers the most sun hours in all Europe, providing a mild climate throughout the whole year. That’s why you can visit Lisbon in autumn and winter without freezing off yourself.

2. City composed of tiles and mosaics

lisbon tiles

Lisbon has a fascinating architecture thanks to the tiles and mosaics spread all over the city.

3. Sardines are sold in fancy cans

sardine cans

Souvenir shops sell sardine cans with fancy designs. The sardine fish is a popular motif when it comes to street decoration. Look out for paper sardines hanging in the streets of Alfama.

4. Fado is the traditional Portuguese music


Fado is traditional Portuguese music, expressing the deep feelings of saudade. A feeling of sadness and yearning for something that is locked up in your heart. In the old days, women would yearn for their husbands embarking on a long journey in the far distance.

5. Miradouros are viewpoints

Sunbathe at Miradouro De São Pedro De Alcântara

Viewpoints, or miradouros, give you the best view of Libson’s cityscape.
You’ll need some time to discover all of them as there are plenty. The best sunset pictures are taken from a miradouro.

6. Street decoration

Lisbon street decoration in Bairro Alto

Lisbon’s streets are the most cheerful streets we ever saw. Especially when walking in the upper districts of Alfama and Bairro Alto you will not be able to avoid street decoration. The colorful flags, lanterns and lampoons contribute to the unique Lisbon ambiance.

7. A river that looks like the sea

Sunset over the Tejo, Cais das Colunas, Lisbon

Lisbon’s Tejo (Tagus) is often mistaken for the sea because it’s tremendously wide. It even has its own beach and beach promenade. If you cycle along the course of the river, you’ll end up at the real sea. Carcavelos is the nearest beach.

8. City built on hills

Viewpoint of Lisbon

Lisbon is built on seven hills, contributing to the city’s stair-like landscape. Viewpoints, or miradouros, give you the best view of Lisbon’s cityscape.

9. Alfama is Lisbon’s oldest district

Lisbon, Alfama, Fado graffiti

Lisbon’s oldest neighborhood is situated in the upper parts of the old town. This place has its own charm as it remains mostly in the past. Beware not getting lost in a labyrinth of narrow streets, confusing stairways and turns.

10. Many abandoned houses

picoas graffiti bird

Lisbon is haunted by plenty abandoned buildings like the famous graffiti buildings in Picoas or the former restaurant Panoramico in Monsanto.

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