Have you ever asked yourself the question why you travel or why people travel in general?
Many times it is the bad things, we experienced in our lives which put us on the road. When we decide to take a break and travel, plenty people tend to say that we’re running away from our problems.

In the first moment they might be right. The impulse to escape from everything that is connected to the problem prevails most often: our home, job, family, friends, duties. Everything gets too much suddenly. It is a panic reaction and we chose to travel as a last resort.

The further the destination the better, we think.

While time passes and the past stops to bother us at some point, we realize that it’s not the initial problem, that we ran away from. In fact we realize how much we, ourselves, have changed. How much travel, in particular has changed us.

We are not the person anymore, we used to be, before we started to travel.

The things we saw, the feelings we experienced, the lessons we learned and most important, the people we met during our journey changed us forever.

We travel to…

1. we travel to leave

Our Scoopy on the road (Negros Island)

…the old behind. Everything that is familiar and stuck in routine. We step out of our comfort zones, put our shoes on and bang the door of the place that used to be our safe haven.

2. we travel to lose

San Sebastián, Basqueland

…ourselves in the ocean of life. We throw all the worries and fears overboard, which we carried way too long with us. The newly created space, we fill up with our hopes, wishes and dreams.

3. we travel to find

Hemmo and Tina, hiking Prague

…out who we are and what we want. On this journey we’re heading to, we’ll discover not only new places and cultures, but also our most inner personalities and longings hidden deep in our souls.

4. we travel to see

On the ferry from Manila to Cebu, Philippines

…the world and its endless diversity. By doing this, we open our eyes for new opportunities and detect chances we have been blind for. We become observers of our own lives and the world around.

5. we travel to hear

Macedonia, Sveti Naum, Lake Ohrid

…the call of the wilderness. We listen to the rolling of the departed train, the sound of foreign languages, the laughter of happy people, the noise of nature and every single creature. This all contributes to the soundtrack of life.

6. we travel to taste

Street food in Siem Reap

…the bread of life which tastes different in every single nation. Food can bring people together. Furthermore you can learn a lot about the culture of a country by trying out their traditional dishes and beverages.

7. we travel to smell

On top of Petřín hill

…the odor of freedom. The world has various smells which can be experienced best when you walk around the local markets. Apart from food, we smell the salty air around the ocean, the freshness of the mountains and the sweet fragrance of the flowers.

8. we travel to speak

Tina at the Search Results Web results Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural, Vietnam

…the language of life. It’s not necessary to speak every language in the world, but to speak the language of life which is embedded in ourselves since birth. We don’t have to learn this language as it is rather a deep feeling of mutual awareness than spoken words.

9. we travel to feel

Feelings when traveling

…every vibe that surrounds us. This can be people, nature, moments and emotions. We feel the world embracing us, reaching every pore of our bodies and consciousness. We become more sensual and passionate about ourselves and the life out there.

10. we travel to realize

Geluksroute Leeuwarden

…that we are free to decide what makes us happy. Sometimes we have to recall why we do things that don’t satisfy our hungry hearts. We are caught in a meaningless illusion of ourselves and forget what really counts in life.

11. we travel to move

Phnom Penh balloons

…towards peace and happiness. Peace with ourselves and the world around us. As we keep moving, following the road of happiness, we can easily throw worries, hatred and a wrong self-perception away, pursuing just what makes us happy and real.

12. we travel to meet

temple ceremony ubud eating

…our own soul and the souls of the others. While talking and interacting with different people, we approach the inner core of who they are and which role they play in helping us to find out who we are, ourselves. Meeting is therefore not only an outer experience but moreover an inner process of transformation.

13. we travel to share

Tina at Siquijor sunset

…moments of infinite happiness. Memories of good talks, inspiring encounters, special events, never ending laughter, true love, big friendship, wild promises and great expectations. In short, we collect memories, which we’ll never forget, because they make us feel like we could reach anything we dream of.

14. we travel to be part

To Bordeaux

…of the world community. To join cultural events, listen to their history and heritage. So we are able to catch a glimpse of how it feels to be part of their lives. Every time we jump borders, we adapt to a new environment, revealing opportunities but also limits.

15. we travel to learn

Books on the street in Berlin

…from others. Learning and travelling goes along. We see ourselves as students of life and there is no better lesson than travelling, as the world is our classroom and we’re free in choosing what we would like to learn.

16. we travel to teach

Froskepôlemolen, Froskepôle, Leeuwarden


…others. As we’re students at the same time, we can give back what we learned by passing over all the know-how and skills that we received by someone else. In this way we are integrated in a mutual relationship of giving and taking.

17. we travel to tell stories

Mostar, Old Bridge, reflecting the history of this country

…of the world. Stories are made by humans for humans. So there is no better way to approach a foreign culture than by storytelling and spreading the word. A story of own experience can inspire, teach and sometimes change a life.

18. we travel to inspire

lisbon estufa fria greenhouse

…the hopeless and those who don’t have the courage to break out. We tell them stories of our adventures, of how life changed after we left everything behind to gain much more than materialism can ever do: inner peace and satisfaction.

19. we travel to change

Long Beach of Phú Quốc island

…ourselves and the perception of how others see us. When we travel we create a certain distance between our situation at home and the future waiting for us out there. This distance allows us to act independently because we can leave the past behind for good.

20. we travel to be aware

Kampot globe

…of a higher self and the shortness of life. By exploring places one can only dream of, we become more aware of how much there is to see and how less time we actually have. By realizing this, we free ourselves from the belief that we need a job, a house and a decent pension to reach the goal of life.

21. we travel to dream

Tina standing by the water in Bali

…of far places, breathtaking adventures and beautiful moments. Travelers are dreamers and maybe it’s an element of truth that you can only be a vagabond if you don’t see things always realistically but rather let your self be carried by the flow of life.

22. we travel to be lonely

walking on the street in ubud

…wanderers on the road to our inner self. Being on our own, we discover hidden skills and talents. You are forced to think for yourself and make decisions that can be difficult at times. However independence requires a little bit of effort.

23. we travel to be free

Us at Kampot's Lily Pond

…from others and those who used to speak up for us. We become aware that freedom is not a privilege we have to work hard for but a timeless, barrier-free virtue that is given all people in an equal way.

24. we travel to progress

Triad Café viewpoint, Siquijor

…in our lives. This can be a visible progress as well as an inner process of transformation. We learn how to live more simple, decreasing our comfort zone and building up an environmental consciousness. This pro-active point of view can make a big impact on our future.

25. we travel to believe

Vietnamese girls on bikes

…that the world is a good place and we’re all a big family. We realize that we all have to help each other in times of war, misery, exploitation and every evil that endangers the world peace and well-being of any creature on this earth.

26. we travel to open

Sete Cidades, São Miguel

…our minds and hearts. We let different cultures, manners, beliefs and traditions enter our lives. We accept diversity and put tolerance on top of our acting and thinking. We live and let live, coexisting in peace and harmony.

27. we travel to grow

Street art in Mui Ne with Charlie Chaplin

…our self-confidence to learn new skills and forms of life. While we travel, we become aware of how less we need to be happy and how simple it can be to change bad habits. We grow new abilities, mindsets and life models.

28. we travel to reach

hippie girl sitting in water stream

…happiness and self-fulfillment. These are our core goals in life unlike wrong values taught by society. We don’t seek after making more and more money to buy more and more stuff we don’t really need. We seek after memories and alternative ways of living.

29. we travel to be real

View over Prague from Barrandovské terasy

…towards ourselves and towards others. We don’t have to build up a facade creating a wrong self-perception of ourselves. We can present us openly to the world with all our disabilities and weaknesses. There is no one who can judge us for being who we are.

30. we travel to be

Lisbon, Panoramico Tina and Hemmo

This is the final statement uniting all reasons why we travel. We are human beings. We are the world. We are life. We are travelers. We are the travel itself.

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