Rain can be annoying

Rain can mean an end to an activity, or event you were looking forward to.

Rain can force you to stay inside, when you were just about to leave the house.

All that, rain can be to some people.
A negative aspect of life.

Wearing a rain poncho during rainy season in Asia
floods in Vietnam, January 2018

Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards.
– Vladimir Nabokov

Rain can destroy

Rain can destroy a whole day.

Rain can destroy a merry holiday.

Rain can destroy the best day of your life.

All that, rain can do to people.
Cause harm and bring disappointment.

Floods during traveling South East Asia

In Indonesia the rainy season, or wet season, has an influence on the daily lives of locals and tourists alike. When the strongest downpour of the year starts, it is not something you can ignore or sit out.

Once you experience the Indonesian rainy season, you might say, that the monsoon is like the sum of all rainfalls ever lived through in your life.

The monsoon comes erratically, in batches, followed by wind and sometimes lightning. When the rain is coming, most people flee into their homes, search for shelter and get grumpy.

They think that the rain is an obstacle which stops them from their plans and duties.

They blame the rain for not meeting their tasks or the activities planned ahead.

They become hateful towards the rain and curse it in never ending sequences.
That is the one side of rain, the dark side.

But how about the bright side of rain?

It provides plants, animals and humans with the essence of life – WATER.

rain bali

The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.
– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Rain is water and water is life.
Rain can also be a teacher in many ways.

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.
– Bob Marley

Although it rains a lot in the months of the wet season, you can face the rain with a positive attitude if you just follow our 5 tips.

5 tips how to face Bali’s rainfalls

rain bali paddle
rainy season in Bali, December 2015

1. Rainfall season is between October and March

Keep these months in mind, when you plan to visit Bali. On some days the rain can be more, on others less. Climate patterns of previous years don’t have to repeat necessarily in the following years.
The rainy season has a great benefit: the prices of flights and accommodation are often lower and it’s less crowded. Especially the latter has a positive impact on the traffic. No more serious traffic jams.

2. The rainfalls are sudden and heavy

If it starts to rain, it rains buckets. Often, the rain develops slowly so the people have some time to meet preparations, like finding shelter or put on their rain protection.
Here a good advice: hunker down in a safe place and wait until the rain beomes less. In most cases, the rain is a short roaring shower.

3. Always have your rain coat and umbrella with you

If you drive a scooter, purchase a rain poncho or “batman rain cape”. You can find them in a lot of shops. Indonesians always store those coats in their scooter seats. When the rain starts, they stop for a moment to put the cape on.

4. Don’t drive in heavy rain

If you rent a car or scooter, it’s safer to stop and wait until the rain gets lighter. Heavy  droplets can block the driver’s view and become a real danger on the road, especially in the midst of the chaotic Indonesian traffic.

5. Wear flip-flops and not your best shoes

As Indonesia is a hot and humid island throughout the year, flip-flops and sandals are the best footwear. They’re common and worn by the majority of the inhabitants and travelers. Avoid wearing your favorite Birkenstock sandals. When the material of the inlay gets wet, it needs quite some time to dry.

5 beautiful things the monsoon can teach us

1. To be patient

A rainfall can be the perfect moment to come to a rest. Especially for people, who are always in a hurry, even in their holidays. Who plan every activity in detail and get stressed, when their plans don’t come to fruition because the rain didn’t fit their schedule.

2. To listen to the rain

If it’s just a drizzle, the sound of rain can have a relaxing effect. The sound of the pouring rain is described by many people as peaceful. There is also a name for this certain group of people, who  like rain more than sunshine: pluviophiles long for rainy days.

3. To appreciate the rain

Rain waters the earth and provides the seeds with everything they need to grow and yield fruit. Water contains all the essential nutrition that enhances the development of all organisms in this world.

4. To praise the natural water cycle

Everything that is life comes in cycles. For humans, typical cycles are life and death, health and disease, anger and happiness. Rain originates from every water source on this planet: world oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and ponds. The water cycle is the most important natural cycle with the purpose to keep us all alive.

5. To realize that rain is life

71% of Earth’s surface is covered by water and 60% of the human body consists of water. Therefore, the essence of water is fundamental to create and maintain every living creature and organism. Water was the first and will be the last that perseveres on this planet.

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