Welcome to the fairy tale world of the 21st century!

A place so picturesque and magical, which makes it hard to believe it endured so many eras.

Where buildings are not just buildings but rather mesmerizing artworks of the Baroque time.

Where a bridge is not just a bridge but rather a mass meeting point.

Where many famous poets and musicians were inspired and blessed with beautiful talent.

A city that contains more nature than concrete.

A place that gathers all cultures in the world and makes them feel home in a special way.

Welcome to the Wonderland of Central Europe.

Let me introduce you to Prague, the capital of Czech Republic.

Where to stay?

Budget hostels

Cheapest dorms

Emma Hostel

dorm: CZK 210 (€ 8)
private: CZK 780 (€ 30)

Czech Inn

dorm: CZK 185 (€ 7)
private: CZK 1300 (€ 50)

ABEX Hostel

dorm: CZK 185 (€ 7)

Sir Toby’s Hostel

dorm: CZK 315 (€ 12)
private: CZK 1300 (€ 50)

Cheapest private rooms

Hostel Strahov

dorm: CZK 315 (€ 12)
private: CZK 420 (€ 16)

Hostel Kotva

private: CZK 470-915 (€ 18 – 35)

Hostel Klamovka

private: CZK 260 (€ 10)

Where to eat?

Czech cuisine

Pork/ Guláš with knedlíky (bread dumplings) and sauce: CZK 180 (€ 7)
Smažený Sýr (fried cheese): CZK 80 (€ 3)
Bramborák (pan-fried potato pancake): CZK 65 (€ 2.50)
Palačinky (pancakes filled with cream, jam, fruits): CZK 65 (€ 2.50)

We don’t have a favorite Czech restaurant, but the prices listed here show average prices for certain typical Czech dishes. These price recommendations should help you to find affordable places to try local food.

Beer (0.5l): CZK 12-24 (€ 0.5 – 1)
Beer (2l): CZK 28-45 (€ 1.20 – 2)

Here is a good article on how to avoid restaurants that appear to be tourist traps.

For more information on the dishes read this Czech Food Guide or our friend’s tips of tasty local dishes.

Italian cuisine

KM Pizza
Pizzerie Flamengo

Pizza Margarita: CZK 80 (€ 3) small, CZK 110 (€ 4) XXL
Pizza Salami, Ham, Vegetariana, Four Seasons, Spinach, Greek, Hawaii, Tonno, Various: CZK 110 – 160 (€ 4 – 6) small, CZK 160-240 (€ 6 – 9) XXL
Gnocchi (tomato, spinach, ham): CZK 45 (€ 1.50) small, CZK 65 (€ 2.50) big

Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine

Cố Dô
Happy Noodles & Sushi

Fried noodles/rice with vegetables: CZK 80 (€ 3)
Bamboo plate with mixed vegetables (fresh zucchini, broccoli, paprika, champignons) in delicious sauce: CZK 80 (€ 3)
Fried noodles/rice with chicken: CZK 95 (€ 3.50)
Spicy chicken/pork/beef with rice and vegetables: CZK 110 (€ 4)
Spring roll: CZK 26 (€ 1)
Soups: CZK 65 (€ 2.50)

Indian cuisine


Curry with meat: CZK 180 (€ 7)
Palak with meat (spinach, garlic, tomatoes, spices): CZK 180 (€ 7)
Vegetarian curry: CZK 130 (€ 5)
Dal (Lentils with herbs): CZK 130 (€ 5)
Sag Aloo (spinach and potatoes with spices): CZK 130 (€ 5)

Do you seek magic when you travel? Places that seem to be out of this world?

If so, here is our list of Prague’s best kept secrets.

prague`s best kept secrets

Sunrise in Letná Park

Prague sunrise from the metronome (Letná)

If you want to have Letná to yourself, you have to get there very early.
Luckily, we arrived in Prague so early that we were completely alone. Not one single human crossed our way.

Although it was a quite freezing morning, our endurance got paid off.
We witnessed a colorful sunrise above the old town.

Stunning and quiet views from Vyšehrad

View from Vyšehrad
View from Vyšehrad (North)
While you can catch classical views of Prague from Letná or the castle, Vyšehrad offers a totally different angle of the city.

Especially this viewpoint is less crowded and free of segways. It’s the best alternative for those who seek a hidden almost tourist-free spot. Also, it’s the less frequently visited castle of Prague.

From far away you can just see a cathedral on top of a green hill. It’s the Church of the saints Peter and Paul.

Once you make your way up there, you’ll be surprised by how big the square really is. You can walk around the whole hill and stop for a view wherever you want. Enjoy the 360-degree view!

More information on Vyšehrad can be found in this detailed article.

A stadium with a splendid view on top of a hill

Stadion Strahov

Stadium Strahov is located on Strahov hill and holds the title of the largest stadium in the world.

Nowadays it’s not used anymore to hold sport events but rather concerts.
The future of the gigantic stadium remains uncertain.

Right now it looks abandoned and neglected. Hopefully the ancient complex, dating back to 1926, will find an appropriate investor soon.

A castle in the sky

Pražský hrad, the Prague castle

The UNCESCO world heritage has more to offer than just a typical castle building.

Indeed, the castle is just one part of a wide complex including royal houses, gardens, a deer moat and many different lanes.
Apart from the castle building itself, the rest of the complex is free of charge.

Are you curious? Here is a Complete Visitor’s Guide.

Leave a personal note on the John Lennon Wall

Tina dancing at the Lennon Wall Prague

A wall that changes permanently like the thoughts and ideas of the people passing by.

Everybody can leave a statement, a lyric, a poem, a quote.

This variety makes the colorful wall a worth seeing piece of arts.

Spot a squirrel in the tree

Squirrel in Prague

There are many squirrels in the parks and forests in Prague. Especially in Letná.

Pay attention to the top of the trees and get enchanted by those cute little creatures.

Pick some fruits on Petřín hill for free

Prague Petřín hill, picking fruit

We couldn’t believe how much fruit is growing around Prague.

How about some apples, plums or pears to boost your energy level for the upcoming hike?

A flower paradise above the clouds

On top of Petřín hillFlowers at Petřín Hill

Petřín hill can be seen best from the Charles Bridge.

There are two ways in order to reach the top of the hill.
By funicular or by taking one of the many winding trails (the famous one can be accessed from the Charles Bridge).

Once you reach the hill, you will find yourself in a never-ending sea of flowers. Get lost in the midst of fragrant rose scents.
Have a seat in the love tree or carve the name of your lover in the tree bark.

A magical garden alongside waterfalls

Kinského zahrada (Kinský garden) waterfalls Prague

Kinský Garden underneath Petřín Hill reveals a park which provides beautiful activities to spend a summer day.
Take the entrance gate of Petřín Hill and follow the trail downwards.

You will pass a natural pool and two more pools which are separated by a scenic waterfall.
Once you made your way completely down, you can walk through a beautiful park.

For a map of the site, have a look here.

Recreation parks

Prague park Stromovka spring

The abundance of parks in Prague shows that this city strives to create green retreats from the loud traffic.

Stromovka is our favorite park, located in Holešovice.

This place has it all.

Possibilities to sit and read, playgrounds for the youngest, kiosks for a little snack and a variety of birds, flying around or swimming in the ponds.

Architecture from another time

Colorful Prague streets

The architecture found in Prague seems like borrowed from a time where elegantly dressed women and men strolled through the cobblestone streets or took a ride in horse carriages.

Prague’s old town shows a unique collection of mansions, theater houses and churches inspired by the Baroque era.

Especially, pay attention to the top part of the buildings. They’re usually decorated with sculptures, wall paintings and mosaics.

Evening walk along the riverside

Taking a stroll at Náplavka Prague

The experience of Prague at night will make your trip complete.

The illuminated skyline with the castle in the background and the many bridges, can be best observed from Náplavka.

This riverside is very popular among locals and tourists.
Get a drink and have a seat by the water.

Embrace yourself with Prague’s magical atmosphere at night.

Visit the caves of Grébovka

Prague, Caves, Havlíčkovy Sady, Grébovka

Get lost in the underground passages of the cave shaped Villa Gröbe (Grébovka), a charming example of Renaissance architecture.
It’s located in Havlíčkovy Sady Park among vineyards with spectacular viewpoints.

End the day with a glorious sunset

Prague sunset from Riegrovy Sady

Riegrovy Sady (Rieger Gardens) lies on a hill, overlooking the Castle and Prague’s magnificent skyline that is lit up by the glow of the setting sun.

This spot can be sometimes very crowded, so don’t be too late for the sunset thrill.


Prague bridges

Prague is the center of Europe, they say.

It combines the old and the new world.

It’s a highly visited travel destination for young and old.

A trip to Prague can be whatever you want it to be

A romantic getaway with the love of your life?
A fun weekend with your best friends?
A historical and cultural tour to the roots of a past era?

What is Prague for you?

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