When traveling and blogging we’re essentially following the purpose to inspire others with our stories, so they’re motivated and encouraged to make a step out of their comfort zones themselves.

We animate them to tackle the New, the Unknown, the Unexpected.
We challenge them to go on an adventure and make unforgettable memories.

Why do we do that?

As simple as it is: It makes us happy and we would like to share our happiness!

Lately we were thinking about a unique approach to accomplish this goal.

That’s why we created A Couple of Happy Places – our own way of reaching out to YOU, sharing with you the beauty of the places we’re passing by on our way.

What is the basic idea of A Couple of Happy Places?

In a nutshell:
If a place makes you happy, why not drop a message, advising someone else how he or she can find happiness in this place too?

If we’re not able to find happiness in a certain place like the place we’re steadily living in, we do better if we move on, regaining our inner peace by putting out feelers for new horizons.

Leaving a place that became too familiar over the years and thus often uninspiring can boost our personal happiness to an extent that can help us to uncover our most inner wishes.

A change of surroundings, faces and habits, can have a positive effect on our mood and the way we approach life. Everything that once bothered us becomes non relevant against a backdrop of all the New, waiting for us to be tackled.

When we travel, we permanently tackle the New. We integrate in a new culture, a different lifestyle. We experience new values which can weigh sometimes more, sometimes less compared to the values we once adopted in the course of our development.

We meet new characters, build up new relationships, encounter a new way of living, working or socializing.

All New is excited and requires our full commitment. There is no space for frustration and negative thoughts.

The places we visit, especially those we discover unexpectedly, driven by chance rather than chasing google maps, fill our hearts with happiness and our minds with memories. Even many years later, these memories are able to reflect the same distinctive feeling of joy we felt once, spending time in this place.

Being happy in Prague…

We’re currently staying in Prague, a city rich in happy places. Some easier, some trickier to find. However what they all have in common is their positive influence on our inner balance. Those places spread sheer happiness and lift our energies.

If we’re depressed or lack energy, we tend to go for a walk in the outdoors. Being surrounded by Mother Nature and feeling her strong aura, can revitalize our weak bodies and frail psyches.

Happiness reaches its peak when shared with others.

Engraving this statement in our thoughts, we asked ourselves:
How can we make other people happy, creating a trail of happiness?

It brought us to our new project A Couple Of Happy Places.

What’s A Couple Of Happy Places all about?

Our main goal is to share happiness by pointing out places where happiness can be found. According to our own understanding of a Happy Place, it can be any place as long as happiness is experienced there.

Whenever we come across a place that moves our happiness sensors, we leave a note behind, informing others how to find happiness there.
This way we create a footprint of happiness and those who are lucky to find our message will be reminded to be happy because they entered a Happy Place.

In this article we want to introduce you to our first finders of one of our Happy Notes, we spread around Prague.
As we’re currently staying in Prague and don’t travel, only in Prague you will be able to find a Happy Note so far.

Who did we make happy with our Happy Note?

Kaloyan and his friend Denis (from Czech Republic and Bulgaria) found our Happy Note hidden in an abandoned place: Barrandov Terrace.

Where is the Happy Place we placed the Happy Note in?

It’s Barrandov Terrace in Prague.

The former hotel dates back to 1929, marking a glamorous era for the Czech movie industry. At that time, the Barrandov film studios in the neighborhood were flourishing, attracting famous actors and film makers from all over the country.

If you’re interested to learn more, read our article on Abandoned Places in Prague.

Why did we drop a Happy Note there?

We are huge fans of Urban Exploration as traveling back in time and imagining how the flair of the past days used to be, makes us happy.

Our two finders sent us a video about their reactions when they found our Happy Note. Moreover you can see the exploration of the abandoned place through their own eyes as they filmed their trip.

They sent us an Email and agreed to answer a couple of our questions regarding Happiness.

Meet the finders of our Happy Note

Finders of a Happy Note

Where are you from?
I’m from the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

Where did you find our letter of happiness?
I found your letter in an abandoned ruined building.

Where you traveling when you found our letter?
No, i wasn’t traveling, I was just exploring with my friend.

What was your first reaction when you discovered the letter?
I was so happy, cuz we had a bad exploring day and this made our day 🙂

Have you been traveling recently? If yes, where to?
No, not really. Haven’t went anywhere.

What is your most favorite travel destination?
My fav destination is Bulgaria, cuz its really chilled there.

Do you have a personal happiness secret?
I have a happiness secret. I just make as much fun of the negative stuff as i can, and then I just laugh at them all the time.

What makes you happy when you travel?
The unknown makes me happy. I really like when I dont really know where im going. That’s why I like Urban Exploring so much.

What makes you happy in your own country?
I have family and friends there.

Would you say that the people in your country are happy?
Some people in my country are happy, but not much of them.

What is your most happy place in your country, or where you are right now?
I am at home, and Im really happy im there.

Check out their video on Urban Exploration and their amazing reaction when they found our note.

Thank you Denis and Kaloyan for sharing your happy moment in a Happy Place!

Keep your eyes on the radar!
There are many more Happy Notes (currently only in Prague) out there!

Be happy and share happiness by dropping your own Happy Notes!

We’ll keep you updated about our next lucky finder or better: how about if you share your personal Happy Place with us?

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